USGA Rules apply, except when amended by DIGT or local rules.

Course conditions will determine additional variations to the Rules.

1.   When your ball is in your fairway, you may, with your club, “roll your ball” within six inches of its original lie - but no closer to the hole. BE CERTAIN IT'S YOUR BALL!

2.   A ball not in your fairway must be played “as it lies” with the following exceptions:

     a.   A ball on a cart path may be dropped 1 club length from the nearest point of relief no closer to the hole.

     b.   A ball next to any fence may be dropped 2 club lengths from the fence - no closer to the hole

     c.   A ball in casual water, on a sprinkler head or next to a distance marker may be dropped 1 club length from that impediment - no closer to the hole.

     d.   A ball in a footprint, erosion damage or unraked section of a sand trap may get relief by raking the area and dropping, not placing the ball in the same area, or drop in a more suitable area of the sand trap. The ball must remain in the trap! A player may take relief outside the bunker back on the line from the hole through where ball was at rest for 2 penalty strokes.

     e.   Your putting line on the green may be cleaned and repaired i.e. tap down spike marks.

     f.    “LEAF RULE” shall apply when appropriate. If a ball is deemed lost in the leaves in the fairway or rough, a free drop shall be allowed. THIS RULE DOES NOT APPLY TO A BALL HIT INTO A WOODED AREA OR A HAZARD.

     g.   When a ball comes to rest on a tree root, rock, stones or any other impediment that may endanger the golfer or his equipment, relief may be taken to the nearest point, no closer to the hole, where a safe swing may be taken.  

 The above conditions will not incur a penalty, except as noted.


3.        If there is no danger or interference to others, players may tee-off or hit shots in any order. In other words, ‘PLAY READY GOLF!!!” Each playing group must keep up with the group in front of it.

a.   Maximum time allowed to look for Lost Ball is 3 minutes. (New USGA 2019 Rule)

b.     Some “READY GOLF” suggestions:

·            Don’t play “Honors”.  Whoever is ready, Hit the Ball!

·            Take more than 1 club with you when you are not sure of the distance or if its Cart Paths only and you’re on the other side of the fairway. If you are not far from the green, remember to also take your putter.

·            If you have a Putt left from a comfortable distance, putt it out, don’t mark. Be ready to putt when it’s your turn; don’t wait until it’s your turn to line up the putt.

·            When you drop your cart partner off at his ball, go to yours. Don’t sit there until he hits. Be ready to hit at your ball as soon as it safe to do so.

·            If your group gets behind, you HAVE to pick it up. Have a sense of urgency!

·            Record scores at the next tee. Don’t waste time at the green; it also delays the group behind you.

·            Use common sense to keep play moving

4.       STROKE AND DISTANCE -  “When a player’s ball has not been found or is known or virtually certain to be out of bounds, the player may proceed as follows rather than proceeding under stroke and distance.

For two penalty strokes, the player may take relief by dropping the original ball or another ball in this relief area. You may drop in the Fairway, on a direct line to the flag, no closer to the hole.

 5.       Tournament fees must be paid no later than the day of the tournament.                  

We will pay the course with one payment.


6.      All events must be entered by using the Tour website. The deadline for events will be 10 days prior to the upcoming event. You can register as early as you like for an upcoming tournament. Tour website:  www.digtgolf.net              


7.       If you register for an event and cannot play, you must notify John McCandless within 8 days prior to the tournament. If the course does not charge the Tour, the player will not be charged.


8.       Most courses maintain a “Dress Code”.   In order to insure participation in each tournament a good example would be:

·        Shirts must have a collar.

·        No jeans, dungarees or cut-offs.

·        Shorts must be Bermuda length.

9.  Event Competitions – Awards will be determined by the size of the field. In order to ensure all participants are on the same page, it is mandatory everyone enter the competitions.


10.  PUTTING – There are “NO GIMMIES”. However, in the interest of pace of play, using common sense, putts less than 1 FOOT may be given.


11.  The following are some of the more common rules that may help you during the play:

·        14-club rule is always in effect

·        No Mulligans

·        Red Stake Lateral Hazard – you may a) play it as it lies, b) rehit from original position, c) drop 2 club lengths from where it last crossed the hazard, d) drop anywhere on a straight line from the flag to where you last crossed the hazard as far back as you like, e) drop 2 club lengths on the opposite side of the hazard 90 degrees from where it crossed the hazard, but not nearer the hole. We will play all Hazards as RED

·        MAXIMUM SCORE: A new “Maximum Score” form of stroke play is recognized, where a player’s score for a hole is capped at a maximum score. We shall use DOUBLE PAR for each hole. Once that score has been attained, pick up and move on.  

THE #1 RULE IS……..HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!